Johnny Lee Park

Author & Writer

The Importance of Resilience: A Reflection on Cassandra Stone’s Journey

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” This well-known saying resonates perfectly with Cassandra ‘Cass’ Stone, the main character of Broken,” a tale of survival and resiliency. After her own world was destroyed, Cass discovered herself in a brand-new society. Despite having exceptional talents and having worked as a technology operative in the past, she was considered an outsider within her own world, having a hard time fitting in. It seems like a strange but familiar place where people ignore the past and live forever in the alluring, Now, frowning on any unfavorable reminders of the past, including Cassandra herself. Having the need to find her balance and the need to fit in to rise again, Cass now questions whether going up was her only choice after starting over from the bottom once again.

This remarkable journey of Cass, as described in the fantastic novel Broken,” serves as a perfect reminder of how vital resilience is—and how having it is necessary to move on, despite having difficulties. 

In short, resilience is the capacity to overcome hardship and carry on in the face of obstacles and failures. It is a crucial quality for enduring life’s ups and downs, particularly during periods of transition and uncertainty.

Cass had the option to give up when she awoke in a new world. She could have resigned herself to a life of mediocrity, accepting that her abilities were no longer valued or sought after. She, however, opted to confront the change, to fight. She made the decision to make a home for herself in this strange but familiar environment. She decided to sort out things, overcome challenges, and made a decision to move on, making her way to the top once again.

She stands out from other people due to her resilience. She refused to let the difficulties she encountered stop her. Instead, she saw them as a chance to develop and gain knowledge. Despite not being familiar with the new technology, she adapted to it. She picked up new skills and methods of doing things. Cass did not let society’s contempt for the past stop her from being her true self—the same strong and vigilant queen, who leads her way to success and prosperity!

Similar to Cass, having resilience is an essential quality for anyone to possess, especially in today’s society—where everything seems to be on the fast track. No matter what stage of life we are in—personal or professional—we all encounter obstacles and setbacks. Whether it is a change in technology, society, or the entire world, we must all learn to adapt. And even when it seems impossible, we must all find a way to keep going.

Which can only be done, by having resilience.

Despite the fact, that many people have the necessary tendency to show resilience, many still fall short. The good news is that resilience is not a trait you inherit by birth. Instead, it is a crucial life skill that can be learned and developed over time with practice and effort. Here are some tips for building resilience:

Practice meditation: Meditation is a traditional method of natural healing that teaches you to be mindfully present in the moment without being hypercritical or getting caught up in the past. Even a brief meditation session of 15 to 20 minutes can help you remain composed and calm under pressure. Additionally, it is a fantastic way to strengthen your self-confidence, develop resilience, and foster empathy and other essential life skills.

Read books: You might not be aware of this, but reading good narrative novels such as “Broken” can help you to develop various life traits and skills, including resilience, empathy, and confidence. Such good books feature compelling characters, a solid storyline, and other captivating hooks that encourage readers to dig deep into the character’s journey and learn from them, as a result.

Create a support network: Having people by your side on which you can lean on for moral support and inspiration is crucial for developing resilience. Having them will help you overcome adversity and allow you to have faith in yourself and be confident.

Learn from failures: Embrace the opportunity to grow and learn from your failures rather than dwelling on them.Consider what you could have done differently and apply your newly acquired knowledge to make future improvements.

Look after yourself: Building resilience requires taking care of oneself. Ensure that you are sleeping enough, eating healthfully, and exercising frequently. In addition, remember to practice things you love, such as going out, reading books, or any other to nurture mental and spiritual well-being.   The need to have resilience will never go out of context. Whether it is facing a new challenge, dealing with life difficulties, or trespassing within a loss, it all comes down to one thing—the ability to withstand with resilience. Therefore, we must make all make efforts to strengthen and develop resilience. Consider practicing the above steps, and do not forget to read “Broken” for more inspiration.