Johnny Lee Park

Author & Writer

Practical Ways To Build Resilience

It’s natural to want to give up when dealing with difficulty, tragedy, or even just general stress. But what if we could strengthen our ability to concentrate and cope with these situations, similar to how we strengthen our ability to fight off illness by taking vitamins and antibiotics? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Indeed, that could all be possible with resilience!

In a nutshell: Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from setbacks and adversity in life. It is the capability to handle life challenges and being able to push yourself to overcome setbacks and failures. Resilient people often are confident, competent, and focused and take no excuse when it comes to achieving their goals.

While many people are fortunate to have better reliance, many still strive for it. Thankfully, it is a life skill that can be improvised with time and effort. And there are many things you can try to build and strengthen your self-resilience. And this blog will be going to discuss the same. Keep scrolling down to know more!

Ways To Develop Resilience

Having self-acceptance and being your best friend: It’s crucial to recognize and value your strengths if you want to support yourself through life. What qualities best describe you? Are you thoughtful? Inquisitive? Fearless Or Confident? It is crucial to evaluate yourself throughout and value your accomplishment and the things you do that you are proud of. Moreover, it is also beneficial to not be hard on yourself or undermine your capabilities. You have to embrace yourself and have faith and confidence in your abilities first and foremost if you want to build resilience.

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Taking charge of our own destiny: While there is nothing wrong with asking for help with a problem or two, constantly relying on others is not something you should stop doing if you want to build resilience. People who are resilient are self-assured. They make decisions and follow through on them. Not only will this help them develop inner strength and competitiveness, but it will also allow them to be resilient for the rest of their lives.

Have confidence: We are socializing to feel happy when we receive compliments, praise, or reassurance from others, specifically within the society we live in. If that’s not forthcoming, we can feel insecure or vulnerable and even helpless at times. However, being self-sufficient entails being able to believe in yourself when these things aren’t present—which can help you to be confident in the long run. Therefore, it is important to remain confident and believe in your abilities to achieve a specific goal and be resilient from failures.