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From Fall To Rise A Review Of Broken—A Graphic Novel Sets In A Dystopian World

Reading and books are something that I cannot live without. I have always been an avid reader. The aroma of the pages and the captivating tales of the incredible characters and plots never ceased to astound me. Whether it is fiction, non-fiction, mystery, biography, murder, thriller, science fiction, or a distinctive graphic novel—books have always been my favorite medium to escape from the ordinary.

Not to mention that while I occasionally come across excellent books, some fall short of expectations. However, only a select few stand out—the exceptional books that I want to read repeatedly and nonstop without any interruption or noise. 

And now, here on this blog, I am going to share one such kind of book. Not only did this amazing book take me to another world, but it also allowed me to see and imagine reality in a manner that is far more alluring and charismatic than anything found in our own.

The name is “BROKEN.”

Set in a dystopian world in which history has been forgotten, and technological advances have taken over, Broken,” a unique graphic novel, takes readers on a thrilling journey by following the story of a magnificent beauty with a brain, Cassandra Stone.

Being an outsider in a society that emphasizes the present and refuses to acknowledge history, Cass has to contend with an environment where her once-exceptional abilities as an operative have become insufficient.

Cassandra’s journey begins when she awakens from a cryogenic slumber fifty years after a devastating war called The Reckoning. She finds herself in a civilization that has benefited from emerging technologies in order to survive and thrive. However, due to her genetic makeup, Cass is unable to accept physical enhancements, causing her to be treated as a stranger within her own world.

Despite numerous obstacles and setbacks, Cass is adamant about making a name for herself in this new and technologically advanced world. After passing up a crucial job opportunity, she accepts freelance work for a lesser-known company, gradually establishing her reputation and becoming accustomed to the complexities of this perplexing world. Her unwavering goal is to claw her way back to the top, and she will stop at nothing to attain it. She will use her extensive experience and adaptability to outwit and outlast her rivals and enemies.

In line with the proverb “two steps forward, one step back,” a series of successes and setbacks punctuate Cass’s journey. Even when she succeeds, it often comes at a high price, and her accomplishments are frequently overshadowed by problems that follow. In spite of this, Cassandra Stone persists because secret operations are all she is familiar with, and they give her a sense of accomplishment.

As Cass makes her way up the ladder again, she realizes that her understanding of pre-War methods and approaches provide her with a distinct advantage. She makes use of her resourcefulness and adaptability to gradually move beyond mere survival within a society that has forgotten her. Despite the difficulties and setbacks she encounters, Cass’s adaptability and capacity for quick thinking serve her well. Even though her ideas seem out of place in this post-apocalyptic world, the organization she works for starts to trust her judgment.

“Broken” is a gripping and thought-provoking novel that transports readers to a world of survival, redemption, and the transformative power of adaptation. Readers can follow Cassandra Stone’s journey and see how resilient she is in the face of hardship as well as how determined she is to find redemption. The dystopian world lost skills, and the struggle to fit in a world that has changed are all carefully integrated into the inspiring yet thrilling story.

The author appears to be an authority on the subject. His writing abilities, combined with the clear and direct illustrations and narration, take this already outstanding presentation to new heights. One aspect of the novel that struck me as particularly concerning is its skepticism toward visuals and illustrations. The plot will never feel distant from you at any time. From the first page to the last, along with the many twists and turns, life-changing decisions, and significant events, this novel will keep you glued to your seat and provide you with a gateway to travel between the future and the present.

In short, Brokenis a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the ability to overcome adversity despite all odds. Its captivating and exciting narrative, as well as breathtaking visuals and witty dialogues, make it the perfect book to read for anyone, particularly for those who enjoy exciting and thrilling stories o dystopian futuristic fiction.

So order this incredible book from Amazon and get ready to experience the unbelievable. Cassandra’s seductive charisma will enchant you and carry you away into a dystopian world where you can set out on an extraordinary journey and discover how to carve out a place for yourself.   

Moreover, please read this honest review as it will allow you to peek into Cassandra Stones’ world in “Broken.”

“BROKEN is a fun read with beautiful, fun artwork that sets the tone of this futuristic world with new technological advances.”

“The main character, Cass, used to be a top-notch former operative in her old world. Now she is “a stranger in a strange land” and must find her way in this new world of new-age technology and “enhancements.”

“She will have many ups and downs pursuing questionable missions of espionage that she has been hired by an organization to complete.”

“Altogether a fun storyline and can’t wait to read her future adventures!”