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A Brave Heroine Who Will Outshine All:

Featuring “Broken,” A Compelling Novel Set In The Futuristic Dark World

Broken is a page-turning novel that whisks you away to a dystopian future world populated by superhuman agents and cutting-edge technology. This is the first book in the Cassandra Stone Saga, written by Johnny Lee Park, which contains the first three chapters of the series: “Back in the Saddle?” “Thus With a Kiss I Die,” and “Long Hunter.” The book features stunning and imaginative illustrations that further complement the atmosphere of this futuristic storyline.

The plot centers on Cassandra “Cass” Stone, the protagonist, who emerges from suspended animation fifty years after “The Reckoning,” a devastating World War. Cass was a top-notch security agent before the war, but in this new world, she must outcompete agents who are practically superhuman and have “Enhancements.” Cass manages to navigate this strange world and carve out a unique niche for herself through sheer grit and perseverance. There is only one issue, though: She just isn’t very fortunate.

Cass is an endearing character who you can’t help but root for. She has gone through all the horrors and heartbreaks in life, but she is still shocked by the seemingly endless new ways that things can go horribly wrong. Nevertheless, despite all of the setbacks, she gets back up, picks herself up, and resumes the battle—to be the best, once again. She is undoubtedly a survivor, and her courage and fortitude are inspiring throughout the entire series and will continue to grow beyond the next installment of this fantastic series.

The fascinating world-building inBroken is fantastic. Johnny Lee Park has created a world that is both fascinating and terrifying. The use of technology and improvements gives this world the impression that it could be the future of our own. The descriptions of the technology and upgrades are vivid and detailed, allowing readers to picture themselves in this futuristic world.

Furthermore, the plot of Broken is fast-paced and exciting. There are many ups and downs after Cass is hired by a company to carry out dubious espionage missions. The narrative takes unexpected turns that keep you interested and perplexed right up to the very end. The dialogues are intelligent and witty, and the action scenes are skillfully written, which perfectly describes how much passionate Johnny is when it comes to providing readers with something more than just a novel.

In conclusion, Broken is a fun and exciting read that’s perfect for fans of dystopian fiction and anyone else who enjoys being transported to fantastic worlds. From the imaginative and fantastical artwork to the deftly plotted characters and the compelling storyline with plenty of excitement and tension, this novel will have you pondering possible outcomes that will keep you glued to your seat.

And when it comes to Cass, she will make sure to include you in her adventure and provide you with a chance to explore the futuristic world with your own eyes and intuition. Are you prepared to enter and experience a dystopian world that is both very similar to and very different from our own? Then do not just wait here; head to Amazon and purchase your copy of “Broken,” to witness the amazing.

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“BROKEN is a fun read with beautiful, fun artwork that sets the tone of this futuristic world with new technological advances.”

“The main character, Cass, used to be a top-notch former operative in her old world. Now she is “a stranger in a strange land” and must find her way in this new world of new-age technology and “enhancements.”

“She will have many ups and downs pursuing questionable missions of espionage that she has been hired by an organization to complete.”

“Altogether a fun storyline and can’t wait to read her future adventures!”